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Zakopane is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Poland.
Numerous and very diverse tourist attractions each year attract tourists in Podhale. The most famous and recognizable place is Krupówki street. Walking along the promenade with a view of the mountains, we pass numerous stalls where you can find local products, such as woolen clothes, highlander hats, leather accessories or local delicacies.
Numerous restaurants and cafes decorated in the Zakopane style allow you to feel the real highland atmosphere, as well as allow you to try local specialties prepared traditionally. Being in Podhale you can not fail to try local cheeses such as oscypek or bundz. Places, where you can hear traditional highlander live music, are also very popular.
Numerous branches of the Tatra Museum can be found all over Podhale.
The main museum building, next to Krupówki street, has permanent exhibitions: historical, ethnographic, nature, showing the history of the region and the richness of culture and nature of the Tatra Mountains and Podhale.
The Władysław Hasior Gallery is dedicated to the work of one of the most famous Zakopane sculptors, painters, and set designers.
The Villa Koliba houses the Museum of the Zakopane Style. This is one of the branches of the Tatra Museum, which was established in the first house in Zakopane style built according to the design of Stanisław Witkiewicz.
The Karol Szymanowski Museum at the Villa Atma is an example of a traditional highlander's house in which in the 1930s a famous composer, pianist, teacher and writer lived.
The Kornel Makuszyński Museum is associated with the life and work of a writer, publicist, theater critic, one of the most popular Polish writers for children. The exhibition also includes paintings and sculptures of other famous Polish artists, including Włodzimierz Jarocki, Stanisław Wyspiański, Konstanty Laszczka, and others.
Art Gallery of the 20th century at the Villa Oksza is a wooden villa with an exhibition dedicated to works related to Zakopane, the Tatra Mountains, and highlander culture. It is considered the most multimedia branch of the Tatra Museum.
The oldest cemetery in Zakopane at the Pęksowy Brzyzek cemetery is distinguished by carved or painted gravestones in the highlander style and a larch church. Outstanding inhabitants of Podhale rest here, including Kazimierz PrzerwaTetmajer, Stanisław Witkiewicz, KornelMakuszyński, WładysławOrkan, and TytusChałubiński.
Not a single nail was used to build the wooden Chapel in Jaszczurówka! The building constructed according to the design of Stanisław Witkiewicz is part of the Wooden Architecture Trail in Lesser Poland.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Villa Harenda was a political and social activist, painter, poet, and doctor - Jan Kasprowicz with his family. Currently, in the place of his home is the Jan Kasprowicz Museum, where you can visit the dining room, living room, bedroom and exhibition of paintings by Władysław Jarocki-son-in-law Kasprowicz. Right next to the villa you can see the granite mausoleum, in which Kasprowicz's ashes are.
The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Krzeptówki is associated with the figure of Pope John Paul II and is a popular place of pilgrimage.
One of the assumptions of the Witkacy Theater is to discover and refer to the extremely valuable cultural heritage of Zakopane. Performances, exhibitions, concerts and other artistic events take place here.
In the Oscypek Museum, you can see how highlander cheese is made. Those willing have the opportunity to try and even make oscypek themselves.

Tatra National Park

The cable car to Kasprowy Wierch is one of the most popular attractions of Zakopane. Open all year, it provides amazing views while driving and allows you to reach the summit in just a few minutes. At the top, there is a mountain chalet where you can buy souvenirs, take advantage of the gastronomic offer and relax while admiring the breathtaking views. It is also a great starting point for further hikes in the Tatra mountains. In winter, ski lifts operate on the slopes of Kasprowy Wierch to ride on a well-compacted slope with a beautiful view.
Mountain hiking is also very popular. The most famous and the most visited places are both mountain valleys: Kościeliska Valley, Strążyska Valley, and Chochołowska Valley, the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains - Morskie Oko, as well as more demanding trails leading to the most famous Tatra peaks, e.g Giewont or the highest peak of Poland - Rysy. Throughout the year, you can use the services of Tatra guides who offer assistance to both individual clients and organized groups.
The TPN Nature Education Center modernized in 2018 at Chałubińskiego Street is the most modern facility of this type in the region. You can see there the largest model of the Tatra Mountains in Poland, take part in a nature film projection, visit the discover room and the 4D cinema. Freeadmission!


Gubałówka - a hill rising above Zakopane is an ideal viewpoint and place for walking, from which you can admire the vast panorama of the Tatra Mountains. For a fee, it is possible to go by cable car directly from Zakopane. At the summit, we have the opportunity to take advantage of, among others from the gravitational slide, rope park, and a wide gastronomic offer. Numerous events and concerts are also organized here. One of the most popular is "Hej Fest" during which live concerts with mountain views take place.
The WielkaKrokiew ski jump is famous for its World Cup competitions in winter and the summer Grand Prix. It is considered the cradle of Polish jumping. A viewing platform was built on the top. You can reach it on your own or take a cable car.
Ski station and thermal bath Polana Szymoszkowa and numerous slopes and ski resorts such as Nosal, Harenda, Gubałówka or Budzowski Wierch offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of winter sports enthusiasts at any age. In winter, combined sleigh rides are also very popular with the possibility of lighting a bonfire and roasting sausages.
Numerous geothermal baths and hot springs in Zakopane and the nearest area, allow swimming  with a view of the mountains. The offer of such centers is often enriched with bowling, bars, saunas, fitness clubs (in which classes with trainers are held) and  salt caves.
Upside down the house allows you to walk on the ceiling! Placed on the roof and slightly obliquely, the house makes everything look different inside. This experience will stimulate the imagination of children and adults, it can even cause dizziness.
Being in Zakopane, it's also worth visiting the local Escape Rooms. Locked in a themed room, you have a certain time to get out of the trap.
Recently, Janosik Park was created within Krupówki with professionally prepared playrooms for children, connected to a cafe and a pastry shop that adults can use.
Also, numerous bowling alleys, a bungee center, mini-golf, paintball, zorbing, and many, many other activities encourage spending time in Zakopane.

In addition to the attractions listed above, numerous events are organized in Zakopane. Most of them take place during the summer (July-September) when most tourists come to Podhale to rest and regenerate. However, some events take place in Zakopane throughout the year, such as concerts with live music in numerous restaurants and cafes, openings and numerous cultural events (in the Witacy Theater and local museums), fairs, dances and much, much more.
The series of events "Concerts in Zakopane, summer ..." has been organized for over 20 years. As part of the meetings, evening concerts are organized in Zakopane churches and art galleries.
The Summer Zakopane Art Fair is a unique opportunity to see and buy products of Zakopane artists. We find here a wide selection of regional products, from painting, sculpture, and graphics to fabric and applied art.
Tatra Wici is an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and tradition of the local area. It is a series of outdoor events taking place in the municipalities of the Tatra Poviat, which attracts hundreds of viewers every year. For example, "Harendziańskie Zwyki" takes place in Zakopane.
The International Chamber Music Festival "Music at the Heights" is an event organized in September continuously since 2009. The festival, in addition to the concerts of numerous stars of world chamber music, is accompanied by numerous cultural events, i.e. theater performances, dance performances, fashion shows, and exhibitions.
The European Regional Products Fair on the Lower Równia Krupowa is a great opportunity to try traditional and regional products. Also, the Oscypek and All Cheese Festival take place during the Fair, as well as numerous competitions and concerts of local bands.
Every year, the Zakopane Literary Festival attracts both residents and tourists who are fans of literature.
At the International Mountain Folklore Festival, folklore, tradition, and culture of both Zakopane and other interesting parts of the world are presented. As part of the event, competitions, exhibitions, meetings with artists, street marches and outdoor events are organized.
Every year, the Organ and Chamber Music Festival in Zakopane is gaining an increasing number of classical music lovers. Great artists from around the world take part in the concerts, and the performances are broadcast on project screens that allow the musicians to be observed during the performance.
Besides, the organization of events such as Meetings with a Mountain Film, New Year's Eve in Zakopane, themed meetings, trade fairs, and sporting events means that nobody will ever get bored in Zakopane!