Willa Elżbiecina offers a large and fully equipped kitchen. It allows for easy and convinient preparation of meals for up to 30 people. A chef will have a functional place to work with a set of tableware and cutlery allowing to serve any set of dishes.
A set of elegant glass will allow to  serve all alcoholic beverages and soft versions.
The facility is equipped with a modern automatic coffee machine and devices for preparing and serving hot drinks.


In cooperation with Sławek Kardaś, the Chef of the local BUBUJA restaurant, we have prepared a special gastronomic offer for you.

Our MENU is seasonal, it changes according to the season of the year. We serve meals in our Residence and the current version of the MENU is always available in the information materials in each room.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the sample MENU proposal:

• croissant,
• jam, honey,
• fresh orange juice,
• coffee, tea.

FAMILY BREAKFAST in buffet style
• mixed bread,
• butter,
• cheese, oscypek cheese, camembert cheese, cottage cheese,
• sausage, pate,
• lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber,
• fried zucchini,
• warm dish (scrambled eggs, sausages),
• cereals, milk, yogurt,
• cranberry, honey, jam,
• chocolate, coffee, tea, juice,
• cake.

LUNCH supplied in the form of a BOX

Meat version
• white bean cream soup, bacon, olive oil from smoked vegetables, walnut;
• burgundy beef, silesian dumpling, pickled cucumber;
• coffee and tea;
• cake.
Vegetarian version
• carrot cream soup, coconut milk, turmeric, chilli, chickpeas;
• lasagne with spinach;
• coffee and tea;
• cake.

LUNCH buffet
Meat version
• żurek on white sausage with egg;
• ribs in honey with chillies, white rice, green cucumber salad with sesame;
• coffee and tea;
• cake.
Vegetarian version
• celery cream soup with chickpeas;
• stuffed cabbage cod, tomato sauce with ajvar;
• coffee and tea;
• cake.

DINNER buffet
Meat version
• garlic cream soup with croutons;
• duck leg, baked apple, steamed dumpling;
• white chocolate cream tart, fruit;
• coffee, tea, juice.
Vegetarian version
• spinach soup with egg;
• vegetable tajine with shrimps, saffron, coriander;
• chia pudding with coconut milk, raspberries;
• coffee, tea, juice.
• moskol, garlic butter, smoked trout paste;
• kwaśnica on mutton;
• leg of lamb, butter sauce, baked potatoes with bear's garlic;
• salad with raspberry sauce;
• apple pie with cowberry and honey;
• coffee, tea, juice.

GALA DINNER - with waiter service
• duck liver parfait, brioche butter, plum, honey, raspberries;
• light Jerusalem artichoke cream soup, roasted black cumin, whipped cream, chervil;
• wild boar ragout, porcini mushrooms, okra, parmesan espuma, potato dumplings;
• nougat cream, mango, orange, chilli, caramel;
• coffee, tea, juice.

You're Welcome and enjoy your meal

Individual service

At Guests' requests, a full kitchen and waiter service can be provided. We are proud to cooperate with the experienced Zakopane Chef who can prepare elegant dishes of regional, Polish or European cuisine. We are also able to meet your special diet, religion or allergy requirements. It is possible to prepare dishes on an open fire with the use of a garden grill.
Depending on the Guests' requirements, we can serve an all-day menu or short-listed meals such as breakfast, lunches, dinners, suppers.
The kitchen service fee is not included in the rental price and its cost depends on Guests' preferences.
Individual service must be ordered at least 3 weeks before arrival.